850 MW gas-fired generating station protest

Boyd Upper, M.D.

A rally tol be held on Wednesday, June 24, 2009, to protest the location by the Ministry of Energy of an 850 MW gas-fired generating station on the border between Oakville and Mississauga within a few hundred meters of densely populated subdivisions in each community.

The Ministry of Energy has published a report comparing the feasibility of supplying the energy it says the southwest greater Toronto area, (SWGTA) will need in the years subsequent to 2014. That report compares the feasibility of converting 1,000 MW of coal-fired generation at the Nanticoke Station to the development of 900 MW of gas-fired stations either in Sarnia or in Clarkson. The Ministry's report says that converting 1,000 MW of coal-fired generation at Nanticoke is as feasible as building the Clarkson generator.

Our analysis of the Ministry's report is that the conversion at Nanticoke would be substantially less costly than building a new plant in Clarkson.

I also understand that the Nanticoke community is in favour of the development of new generation on site whether by conversion to gas or by the location of new nuclear generation and that a letter has been sent to Premier McGuinty that Nanticoke would be a willing host for either development.

We are at a loss to understand why, in light of these facts, the Ministry of Energy persists in ignoring the wishes of all the citizens in the three communities most directly concerned by choosing the most expensive option and locating it in an already toxic air shed upwind of the largest population centre in Canada.

Our invitation to you to address the June 24th rally is to reinforce to the Ministry our argument that the conversion of generation at Nanticoke should be the government's prefered option.

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, and Mississauga Council have unanimously passed a resolution calling on Premier McGuinty to exempt the already toxic Clarkson air shed from any future development by polluting industries. The Medical Officer of Health for the Region of Peel opposes the Ministry's Clarkson air shed proposal. Paul Szabo, MP for Mississauga South and Terrence Young, MP for Oakville oppose the Clarkson location. Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa opposes the project. The Dufferin Peel Separate School Board has endorsed a resolution asking Premier McGuinty to relocate this plant.

At Mayor McCallion's request individuals and groups in Mississauga and Oakville have circulated a petition against the Clarkson station proposal that Mayor McCallion has promised to deliver personally to Premier McGuinty. As of today it has inexcess of 15,000 signatures. There will be thousands more by the rally date.

I realize that your schedule is probably already over crowded but your presence at the rally would be greatly appreciated by the residents of Mississauga and Oakville.

The rally will be held on the grounds of the Ontario Racquets Club in Mississauga commencing at 6.30 pm The rally organziers are planning to keep the event to not more than 90 minutes. In addition to your comments, plans are being made to hear brief remarks from MP Paul Szabo, MPP Charles Sousa, Mississauga Ward 2 Councillor Patricia Mullin and a major speech by Mayor McCallion.

The ORC is at 884 Southdown Road, in Mississauga, about two kilometres south of the QEW/Erin Mills- Southdown interchange.

For additional information, please call me at 905-822-6629.

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