Power Sources Causing Headaches

CD98: Adam Liefl - June 26,2009

The topic of nuclear power remains a hot button issue here in Norfolk. At a town hall meeting in Langton last night, locals brought up the negative impact on health that nuclear power has on communities. Port Dover resident Patricia Mummery explains that while council suggests that the issue should be directed to Haldimand rather than Norfolk, she believes it will greatly effect the residents here as well. Councillors explained that they have not declared whether or not they are in favour of the nuclear plant proposed by Bruce Power, and it may not matter. Some local residents also brought up health problems associated with wind turbines at last nights meeting. Migraines and sleep deprivation are among the symptoms residents are experiencing and some individuals have considered relocating because of the effects. Council suggested that the location of the wind turbines is almost completely out of their control now and residents will have to go to another level of government to find a solution.

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