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Port Dover Maple Leaf: Grant Church - May 28, 2008

Large Medium Small Print This Article Tell a friend In a recent Ontario Power Authority (OPA) teleconference, I asked them how they figured our power bills would only rise 15-20 per cent under their plan to close the coal plants, a very low cost source of power. The executives had no idea and told me to look at the Integrated Power System Plan (IPSP), a 7,000 page document.

I went on at lengths explaining why it would be more than what they said.

Finally, they asked what's your alternative?

My answer; keep the coal plants open and clean them up!

After reading the appropriate section of the IPSP and doing my own calculations, I found the increase to be 36 per cent by 2015, the year after coal is to end.

If the CIBC World Markets projections are inserted, the increase would be 46 per cent. CIBC was accurate in their prediction that oil would rise to $100. As oil rises, so will natural gas. They also predicted natural gas would be $12-14/MMBtu by 2014. For 8 of the next 12 months, future contracts are more than $12.

The government's real plan is to replace coal with natural gas, a net increase in gas capacity of 7,000MW. The gas generators were asking 14cents/kWh in November 2005, after Katrina and Rita smashed the daylights out of Gulf of Mexico gas production. You can be sure they will charge whatever it takes to make a profit, and we'll have no choice but to pay.

You can take action by submitting a comment on the recently introduced regulation to set targets to phase out the use of coal in writing or on line. A search of EBR 010-3530 will give you the link, or call the Ministry of the Environment. The deadline is June 15.

Keep in mind that our jobs and livelihoods are on the line, since Ontario already has the highest price in the country for industrial electricity.

Grant Church


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