Alert Ontarians of reactor's dangers

The Hamilton Spectator Bruce Cox, executive director Greenpeace Canada August 29, 2007

Re: 'Nanticoke station on alert over Greenpeace' (Aug. 28)

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has taken the unusual step of notifying residents in the areas surrounding the Nanticoke coal generation station and Ontario's nuclear stations that there is increased police presence in response to the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise being in the vicinity.

According to John Earl, OPG spokesperson, this has been done in order for them to "fulfil the mandate that has been given to us and that is the safe, reliable generation of electricity."

Too bad OPG has not taken the same steps to ensure the safety of all Ontarians with respect to their generation facilities.

According to Premier Dalton McGuinty, 1,800 Ontarians die each year from the effects of air pollution.

Nanticoke Generating Station is the single largest source of smog causing pollutants in Canada. Why is OPG not warning residents of this fact? Why has the McGuinty government failed to close Nanticoke this year as promised?

As for nuclear generation, rather than alerting residents to an increased police presence they might be better off warning them of the fact that Canada's reactors are allowed to release radioactive tritium at levels 10 times greater than the U.S. and 100 times greater than European standards.

Better yet, perhaps a letter to the millions of residents in Toronto and area reminding them that they live within a 30-kilometre evacuation zone in the event of a nuclear accident.

With 1,000 megawatts of nuclear generation unexpectedly off-line this summer and Nanticoke continuing to bellow its toxic plume, OPG seems to have failed miserably in their self-proclaimed mandate of delivering safe and reliable electricity.

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