Decision on nukes applauded


Pickering nuclear plants.

Re:Ontario shelves costly nukes, June 30

Congratulations to George Smitherman and Premier Dalton McGuinty for putting the Darlington contracts "on hold" due to their cost. This cost goes on and on and on and is completely unsustainable and unwise. Smitherman and McGuinty are hoping for bailouts from the feds. Congratulations to the feds "in advance" for seeing that this bailout is an unwise solution to energy creation in Ontario.

Green energy is the answer, and the solution is to put our Green Energy Act to work by rolling out the green power and jobs.

Lois Banks, Richmond Hill

I suppose that a kilowatt from nuclear power would charge my cellphone and brighten my computer screen just as well as if it came from a coal plant or a windmill or a gerbil on an exercise wheel. But while my gadgets don't seem to care where their juice comes from, I tend to prefer ways that don't empty my wallet. Congratulations to George Smitherman and the Ontario government for realizing that taxpayers don't want to throw money away on a new nuclear power plant.

Jay Wilson, Toronto

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is asking the government of Canada to subsidize the construction of two new nuclear reactors at Darlington. I do not want my federal tax dollars to be used to subsidize the construction of new nuclear reactors in Ontario. Our electricity needs can be met at a much lower cost and more safely with an combination of energy conservation and efficiency, wind power, natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants and hydro-electricity imports from Quebec and Labrador.

Emily Banks-Ng, Toronto

The money that was just saved by not going ahead with new nuclear plants should be directed toward the proven green energy sectors – solar, wind, bio-mass and geothermal. Of course, to do that properly the dinosaurs who "plan" and operate Ontario's electricity system need to be replaced by people who can integrate green energy systems.

Neil Broadbent, President,

Simple Solutions