Response to The Toronto Star & Hamilton Spectator March 19th, article "Nanticoke promoted as nuclear power site"

The Hamilton Spectator: RW Goodlet, Port Ryerse - March 24, 2008

Norfolk/Haldimand MPP Toby Barrett polled his constituency, which 81% expressed a desire for an alternative to nuclear power at Nanticoke. Another poll found at shows that 70.1% also prefer an alternative to nuclear.

The Ontario grid system needs flex power. Nuclear power provides base-load-power into the existing grid. Clean-coal-technology at Nanticoke can provide this flex power needed, sequestering the carbon. The Federal Government is now providing opportunities to sequester carbon where it can be sequestered. Lakes Erie and Huron are areas recognized by the Federal Government as able to accommodate the sequestering of carbon.

Our Municipal and Federal leaders are in the minority here calling for nuclear power. When alternative solutions are presented to them, their response is mute.

This nuclear power plant will breathe with Lake Erie via a 10 mile, 32 foot diameter pipeline. We know tritium and waste storage will change Long Point Country, fresh water recreation, commercial and sport fishing, fish eateries, and the current reason for our housing boom will cease. Yes, we know nuclear power will change what and who we are now forever.

Thus, our surrounding communities are not "strongly urging the Province to develop nuclear power at Nanticoke".

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