Bruce Power could have hand in new direction for auto plants

The Lucknow Sentinal: Pat Halpin - February 11, 2009

Bruce Power could have a hand in helping put growth industries into struggling auto plants.

It’s meeting with the province and other growth industries next month to look at a new direction for plants willing to refocus their efforts.

“As the economy changes we’re seeing tough times in manufacturing (and) the auto sector, but there are areas of growth. The nuclear business is growing, the wind energy business is growing,” said Bruce Power spokesperson Ross Lamont.

Currently, most components for wind turbines are imported.

There's potential to re-tool auto plants and train workers to meet those new demands, Lamont told Bruce county council.

“You could see auto sector plants turning out components for wind energy,” he said about the potential switch-over.

“If you look at the number of wind turbines and the number of refurbishments or new builds going on in the nuclear industry there’s a lot of components that are required.”

The auto industry has the facilities and skilled workers to make the switch, Lamont said.

“I don’t think it’s a pipe dream at all. Certainly the Ontario government is very serious about it,” he said.

“They’ve contacted us to see if we along with other growth industries will help them to work with the companies that are looking to re-tool.”

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