Babcock Power and ThermoEnergy tip new clean coal technology for success

Energy Efficiency News - March 2, 2009

US energy companies Babcock Power and ThermoEnergy have formed a joint venture, Babcock-Thermo Carbon Capture, to develop and commercialise a new carbon capture technology.

The technology represents a totally new approach thermodynamic approach to power plant design, claim the companies.

The idea is based on high-pressure oxy-fuel chemistry. The ThermoEnergy Integrated Power System (TIPS) technology allows the combustion of fossil fuels, biomass and even municipal waste with near-zero emissions and no smoke stake. The system captures CO2 in the form of a pressurised liquid, which is ready for sequestration or reuse for enhanced oil recovery, for example.

The two companies say that they will be developing TIPS into a commercial scale technology in coming years.

“The progression of the TIPS technology coincides well with the timeline of anticipated forthcoming CO2 legislation,” says president and CEO of Babcock Power, James F. Wood.

The technology will allow the switching to cheaper fuels – such as biomass or waste – while lowering costs and reducing carbon emissions, claims Dennis Cossey, chairman and CEO of ThermoEnergy.

“Planned TIPS industrial heat and power plants represent an ideal solution for many US infrastructure industries,” he says.

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