Re: Communications between Ken Butcher & Jim Oliver

Why do you as elected officials ignore, dismiss and/or denigrate well crafted letters and well substantiated and researched deputations from credentialed constituents to Norfolk Council yet encourage and even seemingly slaver over emails from a writer who, as we all did, "studied Quantum Physics a few years ago"?

[part of the grade 12 Physics curriculum]

Elected Council members owe a fiduciary duty as well as a duty of due diligence to their constituents. Why are you refusing to take a poll of all Norfolk voters asking whether they are willing hosts to the erection of a nuclear generating plant in Nanticoke along with its attendant spent fuel repository pools?

I look forward to your responses to these two questions before the E.A. by Bruce Power has started so that these responses can be included in the E.A. report.

Yours truly

Stephana Johnston


Sent: May 21, 2009 1:14 PM
To: Ken Butcher; MAYOR; Dennis Travale
Subject: RE: NO NUKE

Hi Ken;

Thanks for your input.

There have not been many comments provided with a more technical perspective such as yours.

You may want to provide some comments to the public through a letter to the editor of our local newspapers.

I assume you have been attending the info sessions held to date on the environmental assessment process.

Jim Oliver


From: Ken Butcher []
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 4:35 PM
To:; Jim Oliver; Dennis Travale
Subject: NO NUKE

I'd like to make a comment about the "no nuke" group that seems to be protesting.

I studied Quantum Physics a few years ago and think there needs to be some myth work dispelled here.

Radio active material output is almost equal for coal fire power plants and nuke facilities. The difference being that you get a lot more energy out of the nuclear process then you do from burning coal.

All new facilities are built like Fort Knox and almost impenetrable. What people fail to understand is that accidents have happened in the past have happened out of a lack of knowledge. No different form any other technology great improvements are made over time to make the systems work more efficiently and also safer.

Nuclear plants can not and NEVER will reach critical mass. The point where a nuclear bomb explodes. U235 is fairly stable and in the event of a "problem" control rods are fully inserted into the reactor and the fission reaction comes to a complete stop. Also reactors are double cased in cement so little or no radio active leakage is possible.

The protesters holding up their yellow signs lack all knowledge and understanding of the processes involved in nuclear power. Their assumptions are made on nothing more then fear mongering and ignorance.

I hope this had put some light on the whole thing.


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