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Author: Jim Elve Created: 6/28/2007 12:33 PM
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Willing Host Community? Says Who?
By Jim Elve on 7/6/2009 12:29 PM

By Jim Elve

The biggest hurdle facing Bruce Power's bid to build a nuclear power plant in Nanticoke is to obtain the consent of the community. Yet, this is not what you'll hear if you ask most of our local councillors. Back in 2007 when the idea of a nuclear plant seemed far-fetched to those few Haldimand and Norfolk residents who were aware of such rumblings, both Haldimand and Norfolk County councils passed unanimous resolutions endorsing an Enviroinmental Assessment (EA) for a nuclear plant in Nanticoke.

Despite the fact that 97% of EAs result in an approval, Norfolk's mayor and some of Norfolk's councillors feel they've absolved themselves of responsibility by endorsing the assessment. Most are adamant that their endorsement of an EA did not indicate that they were endorsing the construction of a plant or that they were indicating that Norfolk is a willing host. Yet, Bruce Power has been portraying the endorsements for an EA as ...

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Threat of Nuclear Plant is Hurting Local Economy
By Jim Elve on 7/4/2009 1:23 PM

By Jim Elve

On June 28, the Ontario government suspended plans to deploy two new nuclear reactors at Darlington. Even with a bottomless public purse, the costs were deemed too high.

On July 1, the largest energy company in the US, Exelon, dropped plans to build a two-reactor plant in Victoria, Texas. The costs were too high.

In April, another large American energy company, St. Louis-based AmerenUE suspended work on a reactor in Missouri. Costs were too high.

On July 2, New Brunswick revealed that the refurbishment project at the Point LePreau nuclear station was eight months behind schedule and more than $100 million over budget.

On June 8, secret papers left at a CTV studio revealed that the refurbishment of reactors at Bruce Power’s Kincardine plant is over a year behind schedule and between $300 and $600 million over budget.

On June 11, Prime Minister Harp ...

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Presentation by Patrick Moore, November 20th at Cayuga Secondary School
By Jim Elve on 11/26/2007 10:25 AM

By Janet Fraser

I attended the presentation by Patrick Moore on Tuesday evening , which was sponsored by Bruce Power. The presentation was poorly attended by members of the community. I would guess there were no more than twenty people there. Some of the people there were assistants to Patrick Moore and probably worked for his company Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. I am sure they were disappointed in the turnout.

The presentation was done with a power point presentation and had much detailed information about global warming and the need to decrease CO2 emissions. He spoke about the roll of more fuel efficient cars, and alternatives to coal fired plants such as geothermal, wind and solar. However,  he claimed that because of the expense and unreliability of wind and solar we cannot meet our energy needs without the aggressive expansion of nuclear energy. It was clear to me that Patrick Moore was speaking on behalf of the nuclear industry, just as ...

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Conservation ...more needs to be done
By Jim Elve on 8/7/2007 8:12 AM

By Janet Fraser

On this beautiful warm August afternoon, I am immensely enjoying this summery weather in the shade of my backyard and a welcome breeze. I know it’s hot in the sun…the kind of day children run through sprinklers, and play in backyard pools, and campers enjoy the many fabulous lakes and rivers which are so abundant in Ontario. There’s no air conditioning on in the house, and the windows are wide open. The temperature inside is only 26 degrees. In fact we have only used the air conditioning three times this summer…on those days when the humidex was high and it felt like 40 degrees. Energy is a precious resource and we have to use it wisely. It is not a hardship, but a responsibility.

We are ordinary folk and we know our ecological footprint is still larger than it should be. We are trying to change habits…do our part…reuse bags, use CFL lightbulbs, drive an efficient car, use no pestic ...

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Energy Opinion Poll - Explain Yourself
By Jim Elve on 7/16/2007 11:45 AM

Here, on the Grand Erie Energy Quest site, we have an opinion poll where readers can vote for their favoured energy option. But, what if your vote was just the best among the choices given? What if you'd like a chance to explain or qualify your choice?

Here it is. You may use the comments section on this post as a forum in which to explain your vote.

Yes, you can post anonymously. Simply fill in "Anonymous" or an obvious pseudomym for the name of the commenter.

Posted by Jim Elve

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Outside the Box: Plasma Converters Turn Trash into Energy
By Jim Elve on 7/4/2007 10:54 AM

A few weeks ago, I watched some interesting videos at Green Energy TV. A video from Startech Environmental Corp.describes what seems to be a win-win technology. The plasma converter turns municipal waste (garbage, sewage, etc.) into a clean-burning gas that can be used as a multi-purpose fuel. At a time when Toronto's trash is being shipped to Michigan and cities across North America struggle with waste disposal and energy shortage problems, this technology bears some serious consideration. In light of PM Harper's EcoEnergy funding announcements, the provinces are in a position to think outside the landfill/coal-generator/nuclear box. ...

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Introducing the Energy Blog
By Jim Elve on 6/28/2007 12:33 PM

The Grand Erie Energy Quest weblog is intended to stimulate conversation on energy solutions for Ontario. In light of the announced closure of the Nanticoke coal-fired generating station, Haldimand and Norfolk County residents are faced with numerous challenges. By highlighting issues and concerns surrounding the announced plant closure and possible replacement options, we hope to inform and to give a voice to all those affected.

Watch for articles on conservation, alternative energy sources, technological innovations and energy experiences of other regions... along with the occasional rant.

This blog has an open commenting system. We invite thoughtful, sincere comments. We ask that you keep in mind that this blog is intended for general audiences. While we encourage debate, we are cognizant of legal obligations and we will delete offensive or actionable comments.& ...

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