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  • The petition has room for 12 signatures but need not be entirely filled before sending it in or requesting a pick-up. Even if there's only one signature on the page, it will be part of the total.

  • If you cannot print a copy, we will be happy to send you as many copies as you feel you need. Contact us at or phone 519-443-8085.

  • Signers of this petition need not be Haldimand or Norfolk residents. Anyone who feels they will be affected by nuclear energy development in Ontario can sign. Signers are required to supply their address and we will tabulate results as to residency of the signers before submitting the petition to the addressees (county councils, Ontario legislature, MP and MPP).

  • The exact wording of the petition is as follows:

    • To: Norfolk County Council, Haldimand County Council, Legislature of Ontario, the Honourable Diane Finley and the Honourable Toby Barrett.

    • Without any formal public consultation, County Councils in both Haldimand and Norfolk have unanimously endorsed the first step in building two nuclear reactors.

    • The nuclear power industry has failed to address public concern over the issues of safety and security in the storage and handling of hazardous radioactive spent fuel.

    • Nuclear power is not emissions-free with its pollution intensive activities in uranium mining, transportation and refining.

    • No nuclear project has ever come in on budget or on time with the taxpayer and the utility customer paying for cost overruns that typically range in the billions of dollars.

    • We, the undersigned citizens, demand a complete moratorium on nuclear development until the issues of contamination, costs, security, and public consultation are adequately addressed.