Information Bulletin October 18, 2007

Subject: Public Consultation, Draft Regulatory Document RD-346, Site Evaluation for New Nuclear Power Plants

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has released for public consultation, draft regulatory document RD-346, Site Evaluation for New Nuclear Power PlantsThis draft document sets out regulatory expectations for site evaluations of new nuclear power plants. It takes into account all phases of the nuclear power plant's life cycle, from site preparation to abandonment. Information gathered during the site evaluation process may be used during the environmental assessment process.

RD-346 sets out the technical safety and security criteria against which the CNSC will review the results of site evaluation when it receives an application for a Licence to Prepare a Site for a new nuclear power plant. The document represents the CNSC's adoption and where applicable, adaptation of the guidance established by the International Atomic Energy Agency in document NS-R-3, Site Evaluation for Nuclear Installations and associated guidance documents.

Given the importance and complexity of the subject matter contained in draft RD-346, Site Evaluation for New Nuclear Power Plants, CNSC staff will hold an information session in the upcoming weeks, to help our stakeholders better understand this document. An overview of the document will be presented, along with an explanation of the safety philosophy, fundamentals, and principles underlying its development. A question and answer session will follow, to provide an opportunity to ask questions for clarification. Further details about this information session will be posted on the CNSC's Web site at

The consultation period is from October 16, 2007 to January 14, 2008.

Stakeholder comments, including names and affiliations, may be made public.

To obtain a copy of this draft document, please access our Web site, at Comments can be submitted electronically, to

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