Carbon capture announcement underlines opportunity at Nanticoke

For Immediate Release:Toby Barrett MPP Haldimand/Norfolk - March 14, 2008

Federal carbon plan may finally awaken province to potential of sequestration

Simcoe - A year-and-a-half after first writing Premier McGuinty to investigate the benefits of carbon sequestration to reduce greenhouse emissions at Nanticoke, MPP Toby Barrett is encouraged to finally see leadership on the issue - in this case from the federal government.

Barrett is referring to an announcement by Environment Minister John Baird requiring all future coal-fired power plants and oil sands projects to capture carbon dioxide emissions and inject them underground for permanent storage.

"While I'm still waiting for a response from the Premier's office on two separate requests to look into carbon capture, it's great to see the Feds step up to enact real emission reduction," stated Barrett. "I've spoken to Minister Baird about the viability of carbon capture on numerous occasions, and have been heartened to see his government move forward on the two recent federal reports and this week's announcement - all underlining the emission reduction potential of sequestration."

Barrett continues to advocate for continued anti-pollution upgrades at OPG Nanticoke and the exploration of carbon capture, given the Ontario Government is not advocating nuclear at Nanticoke.

"On a number of occasions the Ministry has been quite clear that they are currently only looking at sites that already have nuclear plants for any new nuclear proposals," stated Barrett. "We've already heard from the Ministry and they're NOT interested."

Just 5 months ago, Energy Ministry Spokesperson Sylvia Kovesfalvi stated, "The government remains committed to building reactors at the site of existing nuclear stations," and that "we are not considering sites that don't already host existing reactors."

Kovesfalvi's clear statements confirmed earlier Ministry statements indicating that alternative sites are not being considered.

Barrett continues to call for government to hold hearings for public input on potential new energy plans for the Nanticoke area.

For more information please call MPP Toby Barrett at: 519-428-0446 or 1-800-903-8629

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