Simcoe Reformer: Carrie Sinkowski - June 19, 2009

The communities of Haldimand and Norfolk counties have a heavy loaded question to answer in the next couple of years: are we a willing host community for Bruce Power and nuclear energy?

Obviously, for our answer we need to be informed. The town hall meetings hosted by Bruce Power will not give anyone an informed answer. These are neatly contrived sale pitches that are not meant for exploring options or digging deep into potential dangers.

These town hall meetings will not disclose the true expense or the threats to our ecosystems or our local UN recognized biosphere (Long Point).

The meetings will not calculate for you the loss of revenue to our tourism or fisheries caused by perceptions of the effects of nuclear energy production.

Nor will these meetings discuss the job creation offered by other forms of energy.

The high incidence of cancer around existing nuclear stations may also be an issue that gets sidestepped or minimized at the town hall meetings.

This is not a signed deal. Our two communities still have the power to say no or yes.

It's a hard "no" to say when Bruce Power is donating their money all over our communities. But for me personally it has become an easier "no" to say when I get answers to important questions regarding economic and environmental impacts, and it becomes clear that there are more viable, safer options for us to explore.

Whatever your stance is on nuclear it would be a great demonstration of democracy if people phoned our MP, MPP or county ward councillors to give their opinion, so that the future state of our power production, environment and local economy is a true community decision.

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