Barrett Invites Legislature to Energy Symposium

CD98: Jen Waumsley - NOVEMBER 9, 2008

MP Toby Barrett has invited members of the Legislature to Jarvis for his Energy Symposium. Barrett went on to say this year there is a full slate of presenters and exhibits covering all aspects of the energy generation spectrum including carbon sequestration, natural gas, wind power, nuclear and many others. He said the purpose was to provide area residents with an avenue for input and information. The Energy Generation and Environment Symposium will be on November 20th at 6 p.m. at the Jarvis Community Centre. No word whether anyone in the legislature will take him up on his offer.


Re: Barrett Invites Legislature to Energy Symposium

I get it. It's sort of like the event years ago where Toby was invited as a member to attend a school for day but never showed up.

Looks like Conservative Toby thinks a nuclear plant here is a bad idea but Conservative Finley has been told by her hubby and by Stephen Harper to think and say that it is a great idea.

If you vote for radioactivity to lessen pollution that,s like trading your Kia for a Hummer.(The SUV).

Good idea, Mr. Barrett. Keep up the good work.


Bruce Submits Initial Application

CD98: Adam Liefl - November 19, 2008

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has received the application for a licence to prepare a site for the proposed nuclear power plant in Nanticoke. The CNSC will be reviewing the project description to ensure all documentation is filled out completely and when that's completed they can begin the environmental assessment process under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. The EA is a required for the licensing of a new nuclear power plant and identifies whether a project is likely to cause significant environmental effects and determines if those effects can be avoided or mitigated.


Re: Bruce Submits Initial Application:

Isnt Long Point supposed to be a radioactive free zone? Check out the town of Port Hope and see what they think of their radioactive ground and water. Story done by W5?

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