Norfolk/Haldimand County : Nuclear Power

CD 98: Adam Liefl - June 9, 2008

Norfolk County is contemplating its own energy future as the communities of Bruce and Darlington fight for Ontario's first new Nuclear reactor in 15 years. Most communities tend to come up with slogans that are anti nuclear, but Bruce and Darlington are saying 'in my back yard', signifying their comfort with Nuclear energy. Norfolk Mayor Dennis Travale says they are familiar with it, just as we are familiar with energy production from coal. The Mayor tells CD 98-9 both Haldimand and Norfolk Counties have asked that an environmental assessment be conducted, and both Counties have shared in funding an economic impact assessment (which was completed and made public). Norfolk County has no plans for any further actions until the results of the EA are in.


Norfolk County : Looking at the Future Norfolk Energy Picture

CD 98: Renee Berube - June 17, 2008

Norfolk County is contemplating its own energy future after news that Darlington will be home to Ontario's first new nuclear reactors in 15 years. Norfolk Mayor Dennis Travale says the county has asked that interested parties - private or public - who want to look at replacing the coal plant in Nanticoke with nuclear power commence a detailed environmental assessment. The Mayor says we are not currently involved in an environmental assesment, and that they are quite content with coal power - for the time being.


Provincial: Energy Quest

CD 98: Michael Badawoy - July 15, 2008

A website designed to garner support with regards to clean energy is continuing to research alternative energy sources for Canada. The reason for the creation of is so that people will have a voice when it comes to their energy future. Web master and concerned citizen Richard Goodlet tells CD 98-9 unfortunately the energy choices that are being made for us boil down to one thing - politics. He says the left favour nuclear in Ontario while the right is pushing clean coal technology. Goodlet explains although coal has been quite dirty in the past, the new clean coal tech actually all but eliminates all the waste and everything can be recycled. As for nuclear there is some concern over whether nuclear power is immoral. this argument comes from the fact that the waste produced is not re useable and will remain radioactive for many thousands of years... Much longer than anything we can construct to contain it.


Norfolk/Haldimand: Johnston Denounces Nuclear in Nanticoke

CD 98: Adam Liefl - Sept 24, 2008

Haldimand Norfolk Green Party candidate Stephana Johnston is strongly against the idea of a nuclear power plant in Nanticoke. Johnston believes nuclear energy is not clean, affordable nor safe. She says it's also a huge insurance liability as Canada caps liability for nuclear accidents at $75 million per incident when the United States sets their cap at $13 billion per incident. Johnston insists the best way for Canada to meet its energy needs is through conservation and efficiency. She says by using existing technology, Canada could reduce demand by 50% which would eliminate the need for new nuclear development.

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