Norfolk County : Power Workers Charged Up

CD98: Adam Liefl - July 14, 2010

Norfolk County is showing their support for the many employees at the Nanticoke Power Generating Station. The threat of massive job losses when the coal-fired plant is shutdown in 2014 has many employees on the edge of their seats. That's what Norfolk County Council was told at their meeting last night by Power Worker's Union Member and OPG Employee, Rick Prudil. Prudil says OPG has been on top of finding an alternative, mainly biomass, but the province has yet to show their support for it. He says securing an energy source now will help the transition and save a lot of jobs. Council believes in all the research that's been put in and says it's time for Ontario to follow up on what they promised by finding another source of energy for the facility. Prudil says they see a future for this station not only as a natural gas facility, but as the stepping stone to biomass.