Clean energy sources

The Hamilton Spectator: Yasmin Kazemi, Dunnville - September 21, 2007

For decades, Nanticoke has polluted Dunnville's water and air. This needs to stop now.

We have the power to make this change. Since the beginning of its existence, Nanticoke power plant has burned coal to produce energy.

Nanticoke is the largest producer of carbon dioxide in southern Ontario and therefore a major contributor to global warming.

It seems nuclear power would be a timely alternative. Wrong! Nuclear energy is just as dirty and unsafe as fossil fuels.

According to Greenpeace, nuclear plants in Canada are poorly regulated and release the highest amounts of tritium in the world.

So why aren't our politicians discussing this issue with only weeks left until the provincial election?

Perhaps it is because Nanticoke is owned by a government organization, and their main interest is to sell electricity while ignoring the toll it takes on our environment.

There are alternatives to help us cut down the use of fossil fuels and possibly even eliminate them. We must pressure politicians to impose legislation that encourages us to reduce our energy use as well as find clean energy sources. This is our town and we have the responsibility to create a better world for our children and future generations.

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