#1 Humanistic Issue: Energy!!

RW Goodlet - February 26, 2008

Firstly, the Human/Energy Issue is far greater and more complex than what follows below... Yet the two are so intertwined that they surely must the reasons for many, if not all of our earthy woes...


Carbon and radioactive waste. Rid the atmosphere of carbon and produce more radioactive waste.

While we can clean-up our atmosphere of carbon and coal pollutants via clean-coal technology, we cannot, in very realistic and scientific terms, clean-up nor deal with our radioactive waste.

The US Department of Energy has delayed opening the radioactive waste storage dump at "Yucca Mountain" in Nevada until perhaps, sometime beyond 2017, and may never ever store radioactive waste there due to; seismic activity, humidity, falsified environmental documentation, and also a requirement for needed funding, of a mere 1 billion dollars a year to continue on with the project. For recent issues... please visit "Yucca Mountain", and then ask ourselves as Canadians... What are we going to do with our radioactive waste? Really? Just go on producing more waste with no known scientific cure for this poison! Guess what! There really is no answer to that question. Check out... (Episode 5 - Nuclear Energy - Episode Clip)

So we clear our skies, which is truly a wonderful thought. Yet we must be cognizant of another human influence upon Planet Earth "Dimming of the Sun". Here our pollution acts as sun filter which has a cooling effect. If we take that effect away our planet will heat-up even quicker, so we must be careful how we clear our air.

Yes, let's clean-up our skies with technologies we already have. Market the captured pollutants back into agriculture and industry. Sequester and grow algae for bio-fuel with the captured carbon (plant-life loves carbon), continue to utilize inexpensive coal, resort to renewable energy resources and energy conservation so we can energize ourselves in a responsible fashion for our "Good Ole Mother Earth". We owe her that much!

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