I'm just a small cog in this big wheel of life


Chris Lichach - April 09, 2009 5:31 PM

I'm just a small cog in this big wheel of life, but I thought I should contact you regarding this proposed nuclear reactor. All I can say is.. "shame on ÿou" for even entertaining such a decision in an area that provides not only the freshest fish in Ontario, but also has the best soil the puts food on our tables, not just in Norfolk, but in all of Ontario.

As a past resident of Norfolk County, and a previous tobacco farmer, I moved to Burlington 15 years agao, to be closer to my job. My goal was eventually to retire and move back to the Simcoe or Port Dover area. I am now seriously reconsidering that move,and have put everything on hold, due to the possibility of the nuclear reactor in the area. The long term effect in this area will affect everyone close to both the Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario waterways.

Norfolk County has always been an area where you're not afraid to drink the water or eat the produce.. KEEP IT THAT WAY !!in the larger scope, the almighty dollar is not always the answer, our heath and that of our families is.

Your ultimate decision to allow this will reflect your concern for the people of Norfolk County, and my decision to move back home and invest in Norfolk County.

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