Submission to Citizens' Inquiry into the Impacts of the Uranium Cycle

Mike Nicklerson - April 15, 2008

Toxic Trespass . I want to introduce the idea of toxic trespass to this Inquiry. The phrase applies to any toxic substance which is produced by individuals or companies and willfully, or accidentally, introduced into the environment from where it enters the bodies of others. It should be more firmly discouraged than property trespass. Property trespass only breaches one's right to the full and sole enjoyment of one's property. Toxic trespass violates the integrity of our bodies.

This example illustrates:

I learned about "Pattern Integrity" from Buckminister Fuller. He illustrated it with a slip knot on a piece of string. As a slip knot moves along a string, material enters at one end and passes out the other. This continues until all of the physical substance of the knot, when it was first viewed, has changed. It is the same knot, however. It has integrity.

The thing about pattern integrity that relates to ourselves is that our bodies are pattern integritys. The substance of our bodies is constantly changing. After seven years, there is practically not a trace of any of the physical substance from which we were composed seven years earlier. But we are the same person.

We are spirits enmeshed in the stuff of the Earth.

In passing, I want to point out that it is our spirits that offer the most viable solution to the energy, and other environmental, problems. If we enjoy ourselves, we can greatly reduce our need for natural resources and energy. Rather than accumulating material goods, or worse, affluently drawing them into our lives and then throwing them out at the first sign of ware or change in style, we can find fulfillment in our lives. Friendships, knowledge, song, dance, sport, service and all manner of other manifestations of the three "Ls," Learning, Love and Laughter, provide far more satisfaction to our spirits than consumption. Because these pursuits are available for practically nothing, there is little money to be made and, consequently, they are seldom advertised. Nevertheless, this realm offers huge opportunities for a sustainable future.

Getting back to the slip knot on the string. Think of the entire length of the string as the sum total of all the physical substances that you will draw into your body, from the moment you are conceived until the day that you die. All that substance is what the Navaho call your "Long Body." Your long body is all the water, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, potassium and other material substances from which your body is formed over the course of your lifetime. Only a small portion is inside your skin at any one time. Most of it is outside in the soils, air and water -- the biomass.

The long bodies of every person involved with this Inquiry are in the environment around us. The long bodies of every person on Earth share the same biomass; as does every animal, plant, insect and mushroom. Indeed, the long bodies of every thing that has ever lived on Earth are in the same biomass.

One of the first things that we have to do as a mature species, is to get toilet trained. It is totally irresponsible to take substances that are harmful to life and let them escape into the biomass from which all life builds its material forms.

Among the many toxic substances involved in toxic trespass, uranium and its byproducts stand out as particularly heinous. Lead, mercury, arsenic are well known for the problems they cause in our bodies. Uranium and its by products are equally or more serious. Indeed, I learned at the Peterborough Inquiry that the nuclear laboritory at Los Alamos has identified polonium, the decay byproduct of radon gas, to be 250 billion times as toxic as cyanide. Polonium is the direct decay product of radon gas. This means that wherever radon gas drifts to on the winds, away from drilling, blasting and grinding operation that free it from the rock or from the tailings piles where radioactive decay continues, polonium is deposited. This is toxic trespass. It should be against the law, as should all the other ways that the nuclear industry introduces radioactive materials into our bodies.

"There is a tradition in some societies, whenever decisions are being made, to consider the interests of the next seven generations.

For the modern world to do the same would mark our passage to maturity."

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