Letter of support from Save the Eagles International – Spain

I am writing to you from Spain. I wish to say how concerned we are, my European colleagues and I, about the ill-effects wind turbines are having on the health of nearby residents. In Europe as in North America, there is no effective legislation imposing minimum setbacks between these noisy, vibrating structures and human habitations. The collusion between the windfarm industry and the political class is such that the health issue is simply being negated. Yet, more and more victims of the Wind Turbine Syndrome are making their voices heard, and many of their poignant letters can be read on the Internet. Sadly, the mainstream media has largely ignored the problem, for it’s not politically correct to tell the truth about windfarms.

But truth is remarkable in that it can’t be covered up forever. Sooner or later it comes to the surface, and class action suits inevitably follow. May this First International Symposium go a long way in raising public awareness on the adverse health effects of windfarms. May the media bring it to their attention, and may governments finally legislate to impose a minimum distance between wind turbines and people’s homes.

God bless you all.
Mark Duchamp
Co-founder, European Platform Against Windfarms
Director, Iberica 2000
President, Save the Eagles International