Brantford Expositor
Mon. July 9. 07.

Renewable energy is a better bet for sustainable energy and jobs

By Rodger Brunning

Nuclear is not a solution to our current climate and energy crisis.

Uranium mining produces substantial carbon emissions and, given the risks of nuclear power and the lack of strategies to effectivley deal with nuclear waste, we should withdraw all federal subsidies to nuclear, build no new plants and cease to provide insurance to cover the risks of nuclear accidents.

Nuclear energy does not make sense from an economic stance. Nuclear plants are very expensive to build and maintain, inevitably going over budget.

Instead of wasting money on nuclear power - invest it in renewable energy -
wind, solar, etc. - and in energy efficiency measures.

Combined, these two measures show much more potential to generate and conserve energy and are more cost effective.

The nuclear industry's argument about its role in helping to fight climate change are wrong. Nuclear energy is an expensive diversion from the task of developing and deploying renewable energy. We can reduce carbon emissions much more cheaply using rewable energy. No proven solution exists for dealing with radioactive waste.

A nuclear plant in Nanticoke would hugely increase the risks from terrorism. I'm not an expert so I can't confirm100 per cent, but it looks as if (along with the skyrocketing costs of uranium) we are nearing the end of the age of uranium.

One story I read said there are only 42 years of uranium left.

I honestly don't know how many jobs nuclear plants create. Perhaps there are some local organizations that might know more about this?

One suggestion I have when discussing the issue of jobs is the potential we have for creating "green" in the field of renewable energy.

Renewable energy is just that - renewable - and jobs in this field won't disappear. Sustainability is the key.

Rodger Brunning

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