Haldimand County : "Not So Fast" Says Nuclear Petition

CD98: Adam Liefl - June 10, 2009

MPP Toby Barrett is making sure local voices are heard on the issue of nuclear power in Nanticoke. In the legislature, Barrett read a petition titled "Nuclear Nanticoke: Not So Fast". Barrett said without any formal public consultation, county councils in both Haldimand and Norfolk unanimously endorsed the first step in building two nuclear reactors. The petition cites concerns of safety and security. Barrett signed the petition but said he doesn't necessarily back the push for a province-wide moratorium. Grand Erie Energy Quest collected over one thousand signatures for the petition.

Bruce Power says they hope Ontario's Energy Minister changes his mind about their nuclear proposal in Nanticoke. George Smitherman told a Standing Committee on Estimates last week it's not the province of Ontario's intention to be involved in the encouragement or purchase of any power that might theoretically be created by such a facility. Manager of Investor and Media Relations for Bruce, Steve Cannon, says Smitherman has said that before, however, the company is going through with the environmental assessment as a planning process. Cannon goes on to say that things change, and they want to be ready for a potentially greater need for power in the future.
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Re: "Not So Fast" Says Nuclear Petition
Being against nuclear is also being against the production of isotopes for cancer testing. Where are these people coming from? This is simply NYIMY at its worst.


Re: "Not So Fast" Says Nuclear Petition
The term is NIMBY. Unless NYIMY is a new bwuzz word that I don't know about. "Not Yours, It's My Yard" (?)

As you can see in this piece there are few reactors that produce the isotopes. Bruce, Pickering nor Darlington produce them.


So to be against nuclear is NOT tantamount be being against isotope production. To be Stephen Harper is to be against isotope production.


Re: "Not So Fast" Says Nuclear Petition
Are you saying that the nuclear reactors that produce isotopes don't have spent fuel that lasts for a long time, don't have tritium and/or heavy water leaks?

Get real - nuclear is nuclear and those against nuclear don't differenciate.

And our TOBY says he's OK with nuclear, just not here where we burn coal.


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