Forget nuclear give wind a chance

Simcoe Reformer: Herb Harker - October 31, 2007

Economic benefits will only flow to Norfolk County and southern Ontario when we establish ourselves as world leaders with newer technologies such as wind power.

Can you imagine Lake Erie dotted with wind turbine stations all along its southern shores? Think of the tourist dollars, not an environmentally questionable nuclear power stack.

For me just seeing one in the newspapers is a psychological turn off.

There are probably hundreds of new generation company presidents and shareholders around the world who would beat a path to southern Ontario if it developed wind power generation plants.


The technological spinoffs from wind power would create literally untold opportunities for research and the development of new and innovative areas of technology based enterprises.

The economic spin off would be and could be exponential to all residences and educational institutions surrounding Norfolk County.

Think clean. Yes, the start up would be great, but compare that to the bigger expense of nuclear power. Bruce and Pickering come to mind. Wind power beats it hands down.

Norfolk County prides itself, and rightly so, as a tourist area.

Will that fade away with a nuclear power station? Yes it will.

Will wind power tarnish your reputation as a tourist area? No. It will attract tourists from all over the eastern United States and the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario.

Will it attract technological enterprises? Yes.

Will it attract educational research? Yes.

We all want more electric power. Is nuclear the way to go? That is ultimately up to the folks in Norfolk County.

But, there are alternatives.

Wind power and solar power stations are new alternatives.

Is it right to condemn nuclear power options? Is it right to condemn wind power? I guess it all depends where the wind is coming from.

How would a nuclear station affect Norfolk's tourist industry?

How will it affect us all psychologically?

Check web sites on the European countries that have aggressively developed wind and solar power systems, Holland in particular.

Ask your neighbours who have immigrated to Canada from Europe.

If you do the research then you will at least have strong views one way or the other.

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