Petition from "Regina Citizens for a Nuclear-Free Society" Saskatchewan, Canada

Dorothy Goldin-Rosenberg - Jan 09, 2008

Please take note of this important initiative. Gordon Edwards.

The new provincial government of Saskatchewan, Canada is already talking about plans to expand the nuclear industry in the province - very bad news. Saskatchewan is one of the major uranium producers in the world, and the prime exporter to the U.S. This is a front-line battle that must be waged by Saskatchewan residents, with international support.

We would be greatly honoured if your members would endorse and sign our anti-nuclear petition, and very much appreciate it if your organization could forward it on to your many contacts around the world! (See below for a description of our petition and link).

Thank you for your work in this area and the added inspiration for us to fight this battle.

Pat Vogt for (Regina) Citizens for a Nuclear Free Society



"Citizens for a Nuclear-Free Society" is a local (Regina) grass-roots group which is working towards urgently needed changes in our provincial government's policies and plans as regards the uranium industry. We firmly believe that the government must abandon proposed plans for nuclear expansion that have been in the works for some years now. With the recent change in the provincial government, there is already talk of building a nuclear reactor in the northern part of the province, as well as possibly fuelling the Alberta Tar Sands oil extraction project, an environmental disaster in its own right. We believe that there are a multitude of very strong reasons to oppose further uranium mining, export and refinement, as well as nuclear development. These arguments, which are environmental, economical and ethical, clearly prove that this industry must not continue to grow, but rather, should be phased out.

Please have a look at the Non-nuclear petition we have created (see the link below); it briefly lists some of the strongest arguments against pursuing a nuclear path. If you are in agreement, please sign it. It will eventually be forwarded to our Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. We would also greatly appreciate it if you could help us to more widely distribute the petition by please forwarding it on to your own networking contacts.

If anybody has any comments or questions, or would like to be further involved in this process, please send an email to:

Thank you, on behalf of: Citizens for a Nuclear-Free Society (Regina)

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