What Would it Take For You to Go Solar?

Ministry of Energy: News Release - May 14, 2008

Today the Task Force launched a province-wide consultation with the public and the renewable energy industry on two specific questions:

What are the barriers to the installation and use of residential solar hot water systems in Ontario and how can they be removed?

What actions could be taken by governments, the solar industry and others to expand residential solar hot water markets in the province?

Submissions are due by June 27, 2008. They should be a maximum of five pages in length and must include a name and contact e-mail or street address. Please note, submissions will not be returned. Submissions can be e-mailed to or mailed to:

Solar Task Force,

c/o Conservation and Distributed Energy Branch,

Ontario Ministry of Energy,

880 Bay Street, 6 th Floor,

Toronto, Ontario, M7A 2C1.


"We welcome feedback from all Ontarians - the solar industry, environmentalists and green energy advocates, policy specialists and citizens," said Solar Task Force Chair Elizabeth McDonald. "The use of solar panels to heat water for residential use is an exciting opportunity for Ontario homeowners and the province's solar hot water industry."

"Solar water heating can help Ontarians save money and save the environment. It's something we want to help every household to consider," said Minister of Energy Gerry Phillips. "I'm delighted that the Task Force is engaging the public as we strive to grow our sources of renewable energy."


Quick Facts:

The provincial task force - announced as part of Go Green, Ontario's climate change plan - has been asked to advise the government on how to meet its goal of achieving 100,000 new solar roofs in the province. The Task Force will continue to deliberate through the summer and will submit its final report to the Minister of Energy by October 31, 2008.

Most Ontario households spend about 20 per cent of their overall energy budget on water heating - and could reduce these operating costs by supplementing with a solar thermal system. Each year a solar hot water system can save:

$325 for a typical family of four with an electric water heater

$200 for a typical family of four with a gas water heater


Learn More:

Learn more about GoGreen, Ontario's action plan on climate change

and what Ontarians can do to make a difference .


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