Wind, solar power good alternatives to nuclear plan

Welland Tribune: D.G.Smith, Welland - November 9, 2007

As of Sept. 23, Dalton McGuinty had made 71 promises including one made earlier
- to close all coal fired power plants by 2014, although he had originally
promised to do so by 2007.

In June 2006, then-Energy Minister Duncan said the government will likely build
two new nuclear power plants (NPPs). No sign as to when.

In May 2007, the Liberals announced the hiring of consultants to conduct a
$3-million dollar study of available nuclear reactor technology. If this study,
which in most cases takes months, reveals the technology is not up to par, what

The Ontario Power Authority has asked the provincial government to spend $26.
5-billion on NPPs to guarantee the province's electricity supply until 2025.

Now having listed all of the plans, proposals, and promises let's look at the

This is 2007. McGuinty intends to close all coal fired power plants in 2014
which is seven years from now with absolutely no sign of what is going to be on
hand at the time of closing.

According to American figures it takes at least 10 years for nearly all NPPs to
go from conception to operation, which means 2017. If the coal plants are shut
down in 2014 and this government has not moved ahead with its proposals and
promises we could feasibly be looking at a time issue past 2017.

The average cost of a single NPP is over $5-billion, a cost which will, without
a doubt, spiral beyond this figure every month and year pending the government's

According to the Ontario Power Authority its plan dated Aug. 29, 2007, submitted
to the province's energy regulator, the Ontario Energy Board still requires
regulatory approval, a commitment the Ontario government has yet to make.

If all of the time factors are true one can almost be confident there will be no
NPPs in 2014 and the coal will still be burning.

It takes 10 years or more to put a NPP into operation where a wind turbine
system can go up in one year.

Where is the nuclear waste going to be stored?

Wind and solar power don't generate waste.

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