Meeting, Greeting & Donating

CD98: Adam Liefl - June 11, 2009

While the environmental assessment for a nuclear power plant in Nanticoke continues, Bruce Power is working on introducing itself to the community. Vice-President, Murray Elston, has been hosting a series of meet and greets throughout Norfolk and Haldimand, including one in Simcoe yesterday. Elston says there are advantages to building the plant in this area, because we already have the facility and the workforce. Elston says when the EA is complete, they'll be able to tell the community more about the area they live in, in a depth of detail. They've already done plenty of digging and scouring to find out about the land, water and wildlife that the plant would have to coexist with. Elston says although the Ontario Minister of Energy has said the province doesn't want the power Bruce would provide, they are simply preparing for the possibility at this point.

The Port Dover Kinsmen are now a step closer to finishing upgrades to the pavilion in the Kinsmen Park. The Kinsmen were presented with $5000 from Bruce Power last night that will contribute to the a portable beverage venue, expansion and general restoration of the pavilion. Kinsmen Vice-President and incoming President, Fraser Pringle, says if it wasn't for the community and contributions like this, the upgrades wouldn't be possible. Elston says they recognize their obligation to take part in providing services to the communities they're in and want to continue supporting the creation new opportunities. Pringle says the Kinsmen have reached 60 per cent of their goal for funding for the pavilion, so they can make it bigger, better and more beautiful.

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