Haldimand County : Barrett Happy To See Environmentally Friendly Action at Nanticoke

CD98.9 News Centre: Renee Berube - 2008/3/17

Local MPP Toby Barrett is encouraged to see the federal government taking some leadership on the issue of carbon sequestration to reduce greenhouse emissions at Nanticoke. Environment Minister John Baird announced all future coal-fired power plants and oil sands projects will be required to capture carbon dioxide emissions and inject them underground for permanent storage. Barrett says he is still waiting for a response from Premier McGuinty a year-and-a-half after first writing him on the issue. Barrett continues to advocate for continued anti-pollution upgrades at OPG Nanticoke and the exploration of carbon capture, given the Ontario Government is not advocating nuclear at Nanticoke. He continues to call for government to hold hearings for public input on potential new energy plans for the Nanticoke area.


Anonymous Posted: 2008/3/17 10:51 Updated: 2008/3/17 12:48

Re: Barrett Happy To See Environmentally Friendly Action ...

Was getting concerned over the optimism of duncan hawthorne of Bruce Power that nanticoke was being conidered as a potential nuclar power site and that we would know in three months if that would become a reality. How can suchdecision which involves issues of public safety be made without proper public consultation.

Yes we may need the jobs and economic benefits, but I am sure that most residents would prefer to have a upgraded coal power plant than have a nuclear plant in theor back yard.

What I cannot figure out is why the provincial gov't is not consideriing the lowest cost of emiisisons reduction instead of a flat closure of the nanticoke plant.

Anonymous Posted: 2008/3/17 14:31 Updated: 2008/3/17 23:44

Re: Barrett Happy To See Environmentally Friendly Action ...

McGuinty and his gang are closing Nanticoke for the votes in Toronto. They do not give a hoot about the 150,000 or so people of Norfolk and Haldimand. Or what the cost to these communities would be. Nor do they care about the loss of the power corridor if Nanticoke is closed. Change the name of the plant and those boobs in Toronto would care less. All they know is that Nanticoke must close. Won't get a nuclear plant, or anything else for that matter, here as long as there is an opposition member of provincial parliament representing us.

Anonymous Posted: 2008/3/17 14:45 Updated: 2008/3/17 23:44

Re: Barrett Happy To See Environmentally Friendly Action ...

There's one vote against nuclear and mine I guess we cancel each other.

Anonymous Posted: 2008/3/17 16:04 Updated: 2008/3/17 23:45

Re: Barrett Happy To See Environmentally Friendly Action ...

Good for you, Toby. I'm glad to see a local leader taking the problem of Nanticoke pollution seriously, regardless of their political party.

Would be good to see some numbers regarding what it would cost to clean up Nanticoke and how much of a pollution reduction that cost will get us.

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