Economy Hurt Without Industries

Port Dover Maple Leaf "Viewpoint" - July 29, 2009

Bruce Power announced last Thursday that the company has abandoned plans to build a nuclear hydrogen, wind and solar energy hub at Nanticoke.

For Port Dover and area residents who saw potential danger of a nuclear plant, a sense of relief has set in as their concerns have dissipated.

For residents who saw benefits in the construction and operation of a large new local industry their hopes have taken a set back.

The proposed nuclear generation created a groundswell of opposition, with very little response from those who optimistically felt the development’s advantages outweighed the potential dangers. The announcement last Thursday of Bruce Power’s decision not to proceed with its intended industrial plan lays the matter to rest.

Now the question before us is what about jobs and industrial taxation growth. Without both of these societal necessities the counties of Norfolk and Haldimand will be in decline. The current situation is not bright. U.S. Steel has shut down production at its Lake Erie Works. Ontario Power Generation’s coal-fired plant at Nanticoke has an uncertain future. What is needed now probably more so than at anytime in the past decade, is an concentrated effort to encourage our government leaders to fund ‘clean coal technology’ to keep the Nanticoke power generating station operating for another generation and to put pressure on the federal government to get U.S. Steel’s Lake Erie Works back to full production.

With no new industry locating here, it is essential that citizens collectively apply pressure to retain two of the giant local industries operating in this area.