Norfolk County : Green Energy Info Session To Be Held

CD98: Ashley DeGroote - April 20, 2009

Residents in Norfolk are getting the chance to see the view from the other side through an info session about the Green Energy Act. Grand Erie Energy Quest member, Jim says the session will focus on community input and answering questions on the act from various sources such as the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. Elve tells CD 98.9 the info session will relate to Bruce Power's proposal for a nuclear power facility in Nanticoke through their group's presentation that nuclear energy plans no part in green energy policies. He says the main presentation will be made by the OSEA, while their's will be aimed at making people aware that nuclear power isn't a green initiative. The session will take place Tuesday starting at 6:30pm at the Simcoe Rec Centre.

Comments: - Re: Green Energy Info Session To Be Held

- where is this info session being held?

- Don't bother, it's just another anti-nuclear rally by Jimmy and the Greens.

- thank you :)

- We could use a lot more anti-nuke sessions,

- As well as anti windmill, anti solar "farm", anti dirty coal, anti polluting cars, etc etc.

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