Into Eternity

April, 2010

Captivating and extremely frightening, Into Eternity takes us on a journey 100,000 years into the future to anticipate the effects of today’s nuclear waste. Currently, radioactive waste created by nuclear plants all over the world is placed in interim storage facilities. These facilities are vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters that could render them unsafe. But Finland has a solution: Onkalo is a series of permanent underground storage units hewn out of solid rock. Here nuclear waste must remain sealed and untouched for 100,000 years in order to neutralize its radioactivity. The science is sound, but how does one anticipate the human folly of future civilizations? How is it possible to warn our descendants of the deadly waste when we might not speak their language? These questions and more are put to the fascinating scientific minds behind Onkalo as they attempt to solve the crucially important nuclear waste issue. - Shannon Abel