Norfolk County must be heard

Simcoe Reformer Letter to the Editor: Jim Oliver Norfolk Councillor - Oct 24, 2007

I wanted to respond briefly to the letter to the editor submitted by R.W. Goodlet in the Oct. 22 edition.

In referring to the energy symposium hosted by Toby Barrett on June 19, Mr. Goodlet attempts to make an issue out of the fact that Mayor Dennis Travale and members of Norfolk County council were not in attendance.

Mr. Goodlet failed to mention that that evening was a scheduled council meeting for Norfolk council (part of the full year''s schedule of council meetings set in January), which clearly the mayor and councillors had to attend.

When I first saw the date of MPP Barrett''s symposium, several weeks

in advance, and realized the obvious conflict, I contacted his office to mention the conflict and request that they consider changing the date. I was advised this was not possible because the environmental commissioner for Ontario had confirmed his attendance.

All of the issues which Mr. Goodlet mentions as needing review during an environmental assessment (seismic issues, fishing, tourism and housing, etc.) can and would be addressed during an environmental assessment under the federal legislation dealing With nuclear power development.

The bottom line on this issue is as follows; if the federal and provincial

governments continue on their present paths to eliminate coal-fired electricity generation due to greenhouse gas impacts of not doing so, and it certainly appears as though the new provincial government will do so over the next four years, then Norfolk and Haldimand counties need to make our voices heard that we want our area to be considered for the development of alternative electricity generation facilities such as nuclear power, provided they are safe, environmentally acceptable and would provide significant spinoff economic benefits to the residents and taxpayers of both counties.

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