Bruce Power Plant Would Offer Jobs From Sweeping Floors To Engineering Says Finley

CD98: Ashley DeGroote - November 6, 2008

With the proposal of a nuclear plant in Nanticoke, many area residents are turning their attention to the types of jobs that could be made available. Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Diane Finley says if the plant were to be built it would essentually have something to offer people from all walks of life from sweeping floors to engineers and a lot of things in between with all of the jobs paying well. Finley does say that it's premature to be counting on jobs as the environmental assessment and the purchase of the land have not been completed.


Let's hope that the local Fanshawe college campus will take a lead role in education for many of these positions so that local talent can work there and not people brought in from outside.

Would not go to Fanshawe College even if they offered to train for free!!

It's humorous that Diane has so much to say about provincial issues and does so little regarding federal issues in our area.

Diane is trying to raise her profile she and hubby Doug got a message when they lost lots of votes in the last election. Never in the riding has startetd to stick with her. Open her mouth is a cheap way to be involced. Stick ot federal politics Diane and keep you mouth shut when it come to provincial matters.

So Diane Finley thinks a nuke plant would offer a job to all kinds of people? Yea, I can imagine how the radioactive garbage a nuke plant could effect all walks of people too! With hundreds of people too scared to try their prospects ten miles from where they were born, it's "give me a job at any cost!" Good luck on trying to get any informed discussion on an environmental assessment that could effect 10s of thousands of people.

Why dont we just create a massive garbage dump for all of Ontario? That could create hundreds of trucking jobs and waste engineering jobs as well. What is really the difference for those who have to live in the vicinity of either proposal? The dump idea may even be the safer alternative!

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