Simcoe Reformer: Lynda Connor - November 18.

Finally someone is writing what I would think a lot of us believe. I am really tired of getting "postcards". colourful flyers and seeing full page ads about how wonderful the new Bruce Nuclear Reactor would be for our area.

They all appeal to the number of jobs it would create---are they referring to the many more people that we would likely require to help with our health care system?

Jobs are wonderful but at what cost? Do jobs in the next ten years justify the long term health issues experienced in many areas by future generations of children as well as adults?

We can turn a blind eye to the mining part if we wish as it is "not in our backyard" so to speak, but should we? It may not be in our backyard but it is in our country and we should care. Go on line and put in the question "why the usa has stopped uranium mining" and you will find page after page about protests from many many states who have fought against the mining in their area.

If you would like to find out how nuclear problems have effected those closer to us, put in ---port hope nuclear problems---and you will find how the people of Port Hope are trying to fight for help from all the mismanagement of radioactive waste in their town.

There are better ways to help with power issues, ways that will still keep a work force in place. Let us not trade off our coal power for something that has the potential of being much worse.

Each year we put forth the idea of how wonderful it is to live in and around Norfolk. Each year we promote our wonderful Lake Erie. I do not believe promotion of Ontario's South Coast will be as easy to sell if we have nuclear reactors on our landscape!

As Keith stated "hopefully there are safer and cleaner sources of power in Norfolk's future".

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