Down with nuclear energy

The Toronto Star: Dominique Bruce, Thursday, September 6, 2007

Key questions for candidates

The key issue for the people of Ontario in the coming election is whether or not we want the province to be dominated by nuclear power and its waste for generations to come. This is our chance to put Ontario's environment clearly on the path of clean, renewable wind and solar energy, or to be plagued by generations of nuclear-waste disposal problems, security issues, cost overruns and continued dependence on coal when nuclear reactors are being repaired.

Parents like myself do not want to replace one set of environmental problems with another to leave for future generations. Nuclear energy is definitely not the answer. Aggressively promoting energy conservation and investing in renewable energy are much better uses of Ontario taxpayers' money.

We are still paying for reactors that are now becoming obsolete, so pouring more money into nuclear reactors is a complete dead end.

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