Writer has many reasons to oppose nuclear plant

Port Dover Maple Leaf Letter To The Editor: HELEN ARMSTRONG – July 1st, 2009

According to my dictionary the definition of clean is as follows: free from dirt and impurities, unsoiled, morally pure, and free from flaws. Here are a few facts that the very well organized and funded Bruce Power seminars have failed to mention: Nuclear plants cost billions to build and when they run over budget, which they have a tendency to do, you the taxpayer foot the bill What do you think that ‘debt retirement charge’ on every hydro bill you have is from? Nuclear plants produce toxic waste, that lasts, well, thousands of years, heck, they don't even know how long but you the taxpayer can pay to store their toxic waste for this amount of time, well, just because you are doing so already and obviously not really minding the cost of doing so. Toxic waste, is well, toxic, not very safe or clean, but don’t worry it is stored in containers that last 200 years, haven’t really been tested for 200 years but who cares, the waste lasts longer than that anyways.

Property Values: yes, everyone I know and you know are just looking to purchase a property that is located next to a nuclear facility cannot really think of a better place to locate when I retire, or to move my young family to. Safe, well pardon me, I am laughing so loud. Unless you live under a rock, nothing is 100% but, the knowledge that this will be situated in your backyard and isn’t. Did I mention the new reactors, not tested or used anywhere else yet, will be used in this plant. Have you ever owned a first of? Enough said. Job creation, well, look, how many people can it employ less than the coal plant I would think, after all, it will be fully automated. Fully automated, scary thought isn’t it? Imagine your whole house being automated, would you be 100% okay with that? Think burglar alarm systems.

What about that long construction time, think of the jobs. You know what, if you want to throw billions of dollars our way I’m sure we can come up with a better plan. No doubt it would be safer; more permanent and not conducive to higher rates every single year Nuclear is better for the environment i.e, greenhouse effect, what about all the water they will be extracting from Lake Erie, did I say already depleted water levels, then heating up and going back into environment as steam. Cannot really see a plus there, can you? Did you know that one millionth of a gram of plutonium, if inhaled, would give you lung cancer? This is used in the production of "clean and safe" nuclear power I haven't even mentioned Chalk River Pickering to name a few, you know, accidents that can‘t happen, but wait, I think they did. What’s with all these donations left and right, and time, air time, billboards? I don’t know about you, but it makes me kind of wonder why they would do this, unless, there is a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow and we are providing it! Don’t get me wrong, we know the coal plant is polluting, but, better the devil you know and by the way can improve, did I mention paid for, than the devil you don’t. Did you know we are situated on a fault line? I could go on, but I think you are getting the point of this, Now please pick up a pen, call or email your Minister Dwight Duncan or a local politician because if you don’t, well, you are perfectly okay with this situation and you will be gazing at a wonderful, clean and perfectly safe nuclear plant right out your window Should it be seen out of anyone’s window should be the real question.

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