Climate Fall-Out of the McGuinty Government's Nuclear Electricity Plan.

The report shows how Ontario is going to miss its GHG reduction targets by 1) depending on ageing nuclear stations to operate better than they ever have historically and 2) increasing GHG while waiting for new reactors to replace ageing nuclear stations.

Later this week the response to this report will be issued by the Pembina Institute showing how to replace the PIckering B and Bruce B nuclear stations with a portfolio of green options, thereby avoid increased GHG and nuclear risks.

Greenpeace is trying to focus attention on the decision regarding the future of the PIckering B nuclear station (expected in March 2009). The government is mulling rebuidling Pickering over 6 years or shuting it down and increasing GHG for 7 years until new nukes are online in 2020.

The test of George Smitherman's green credentials will be whether he rejects the OPA's bad advice and replaces PIckering with 2000 MW of addtiional green power.

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