Oakville Natural Gas Power Plant Not Moving Forward

October 7, 2010

McGuinty Government to Invest in Transmission to Meet Local Power Demands
Ontario is taking action to keep the lights on in Southwest Greater Toronto Area homes and businesses without the construction of a proposed natural gas plant in Oakville.

When the need for this plant was first identified four years ago, there were higher demand projections for electricity in the area. Since then changes in demand and supply - including more than 8,000 megawatts of new, cleaner power and successful conservation efforts - have made it clear that this proposed natural gas plant is no longer required. A transmission solution can ensure that the growing region will have enough electricity to meet future needs of homes, hospitals, schools and businesses.

The government is currently updating Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan to ensure a strong, reliable, clean and cost-effective electricity system that eliminates reliance on dirty coal.

"As we're putting together an update to our Long-Term Energy Plan, it has become clear we no longer need this plant in Oakville. With transmission investments we can keep the lights on and still shut down all dirty coal-fired generation."

– Hon. Brad Duguid
Minister of Energy

"My duty as MPP has always been to put the priorities of Oakville first, and together, our voice was heard. I am tremendously pleased that this power plant will not be built anywhere in Oakville. I would like to thank my constituents for their support, and Premier McGuinty and Minister Duguid for their willingness to listen."

– Kevin Flynn
MPP, Oakville

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

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