No Nukes News - July 23, 2009

We’re blitzing central Toronto (St. Paul’s riding) with our new leaflet.

If you can help, let me know – I’ll fill you in. We need you!

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Put a stake in nuclear vampire

Forget about new reactors to supply our electricity -- they're unreliable and expensive

Quicker-to-build green energy technologies are waiting in the wings. Unlike the expensive prototype reactor Premier McGuinty hopes Prime Minister Harper will buy him, conservation, renewables and local generation are proven technologies and their costs are coming down. Renewables generated as much electricity in Germany last year as all of Ontario's nuclear stations.


Bruce Power to Focus on Additional Refurbishments at Bruce A and B

Bruce C and Nanticoke new build applications withdrawn

Bruce Power will focus on the refurbishment of its remaining Bruce A and B units rather than build new reactors in Bruce County in order to supply Ontario with 6,300 megawatts of electricity.

Bruce Power will also withdraw its application to build new reactors in Nanticoke given Ontario’s declining electricity demand.


Nuclear future dims for Ontario

Thousands of jobs are on the line as McGuinty government waffles on $26-billion plan to renew the province's aging fleet of nuke plants

"They will continue to do a dance because no one wants to be blamed for the failure of AECL as a company," NDP MPP Peter Tabuns said.

"I can't see this project going ahead without the feds or the province pumping huge amounts of public money into making these things economically viable."


Bruce shuts down unit

Bruce Power has shut down a reactor at the request of the Independent Electricity Market Operator due to a surplus of baseload generation in Ontario as the province experiences both a cooler than normal summer and the fallout of a manufacturing industry hard hit by the recession.


Extensive damage at German nuclear power plant - ATOMIC NIGHTMARE

Krümmel Accident Puts Question Mark over Germany's Nuclear Future
The recent accident at the Krümmel nuclear power plant in northern Germany was more serious than was previously known. Anglea Merkel's Christian Democrats are now finding themselves on the defensive with their plans to extend the life of German nuclear reactors.,1518,druck-635788,00.html


Why nuclear energy is not the answer to Climate Change

It’s funny. People really believe that nuclear power is emissions free. Powering cities with nuclear, they propound, is the panacea to climate change. And yet, if you really take a look at the fuel cycle, it is obvious nuclear energy is, in fact, emissions intensive.


Dear Renewable Energy Supporter, We need your help!

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has posted draft regulations on a new approvals process for renewable energy projects: the Renewable Energy Approval (REA). While the proposed regulations are in some ways an improvement to the current system, some of the new requirements are excessively prohibitive and restrict renewable energy development in otherwise suitable sites across the province.

The regulations are available at
We need your help to make sure that the final regulations invite renewable energy projects rather than prohibit them in Ontario.

How can you help? Submit a comment to the Environmental Registry (EBR).

In order to help you participate in this process, the Green Energy Act Alliance has prepared a brief letter in support of our five major recommendations on how to improve the process. Please submit this letter, or your own submission to the Environmental Registry by faxing your letter to (416) 327-9823 or by submitting your comments online at

The letter can be accessed by clicking this link or by going to the homepage of our website
All comments must be submitted by 5pm Friday July 24th, 2009. Reference EBR Registry number 010-6516 in the subject line of your submission.
Please let us know if you have submitted either this letter or your own submission.
Thank you!
Green Energy Act Alliance.