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Ontario Clean Air Alliance: Angela Bischoff - July 31, 2009

“AECL will never operate an unsafe reactor.”

Dr. Jean-Pierre Labrie is manager of reactor physics and systems behaviour, office of the chief engineer, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.


Bruce nixes 'more nukes' plan

The economic meltdown has put an end to Bruce Power's plan to build nuclear reactors at two southern Ontario sites, the company said yesterday.

The pullback is more proof that the purported renaissance of nuclear power is slipping into a dark age, critics say.

Scratch those new Ontario reactor plans

Bruce Power cites drop in electricity demand as reason to refit old plants, not dream up new ones

Bruce Power has abandoned its grand vision of building new reactors in Nanticoke and at its existing site near Kincardine, another sign that the nuclear "renaissance" is not emerging as planned.

But Shawn-Patrick Stensil, a nuclear energy analyst at Greenpeace, said it's becoming clear that the promise of affordable next-generation nuclear power is not coming true. "Nuclear reactor projects are falling like dominoes," he said.

Bruce Power pulls plug on two planned nuclear stations

There have been hopes among nuclear energy proponents that interest in atomic power is about to undergo a revival after worries over the Three Mile and Chernobyl accidents caused construction of new plants to cease in North America for the past two decades.

But recently, some of that optimism has faded.

Besides the cancellations in Ontario, major utilities in the United States, including Entergy Corp. and Exelon Corp., have suspended some of their plans for new nuclear power plants. Last month, Moody's Investors Service, a credit rating firm, warned that it is considering taking a more negative view on utilities considering new nuclear stations.

Don't count on MAPLE for medical isotopes

Recently, representatives of the medical isotope industry have publicly argued that the MAPLE reactors should be started up immediately so as to alleviate the isotope crisis. The following article explains why that is an irresponsible proposal.

Contrary to reports that the MAPLE reactors are the short-term answer to today's global medical isotope shortage, I can confirm there are significant technical and regulatory hurdles that require, in the best-case scenario, at least five to six years of intensive research and analysis before we can even consider bringing the MAPLE reactors on-line.

"AECL will never operate an unsafe reactor."

Hiroshima Day

Thur. August 6th, 2009 @ 6:30 - 9:00 PM. "Hope for a Nuclear Free World".

Peace Garden, Nathan Phillips Square. Toronto. (Paper Crane & Lantern Craft Tables start at 4:30 PM).

Featuring family entertainment with a Children's Choir, Northern Lights Chorus, Yakudo Drummers, Raging Grannies.

Speakers include Bruce Cox from Greenpeace and A-Bombing Survivors, Joe Ohori and Setsuko Thurlow.

Lantern Ceremony at 8:30 PM.

Nagasaki Day

Sun. August 9th, 2009 @ 2:00 - 4:30 PM.

Two Films. One Afternoon. Meet the Directors, A-Bombing Survivors & Peace Activists

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 6 Garamond Court, North York.

Featuring the Award-Winning Documentary "No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki"

and "Veterans Against Nuclear War".

Back by Popular Demand: "Hiroshima, Nagasaki Photo Exhibit & A-Bombing Survivors Artwork".

August 6th, 2009. All day. Rotunda, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.

August 9th, 2009. All Day. Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 6 Garamond Court, North York.

Presented by the Toronto Hiroshima Day Coalition:

Stop Making More Nuclear Waste

"Uranium is the raw material of a power-elite who has taken Mother Earth's every living creature hostage." The Late Petra Kelly, An Authentic Green

Nuclear fissioning happens in nuclear reactors or in nuclear warheads.
Nuclear waste is the only product of nuclear fissioning.
Nuclear waste is destructive of all living things.
Nuclear waste lasts forever and must also be monitored forever.
Nuclear waste will beggar our grand children.
Greed for profit now is the only thing that drives the nuclear industry.
Tapping renewable energy sources coupled with moderate consumption and healthy habits will meet all our needs and bring back a healthy environment for now and all generations to come.

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