Ontario Clean Air Alliance: Jessica Fracassi - June 1, 2009

Recently, the Government of Ontario received the price bids from the three companies that want to build two new nuclear reactors at the Darlington Nuclear Station. According to the Globe and Mail, Energy Minister George Smitherman had “sticker shock” when he saw the prices being quoted.

As a result, the McGuinty Government is now asking the federal government to subsidize the construction of new reactors for Ontario. This doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons.

· First, if you want to create a culture of conservation, you shouldn’t subsidize the cost of electricity supply.

· Second, according to a new Ontario Clean Air Alliance report, Powerful Options, Ontario’s electricity needs can be met at a much lower cost with an integrated combination of energy conservation and efficiency, wind power, natural gas-fired combined heat and power and hydro-electric imports from Quebec and Labrador.

· Third, shifting subsidies from one set of taxpayers to another is just a way of hiding the fact that nuclear is not economically competitive.

Please click here to contact Prime Minister Harper and the leaders of Canada’s other federal parties and tell them that you don’t want your tax dollars used to subsidize new high-cost nuclear reactors for Ontario.




The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a diverse, multi-stakeholder coalition of approximately 90 organizations including cities, health associations, environmental and public interest groups, corporations, public utilities, unions, faith communities and individuals. The OCAA’s short term goal is to achieve the complete phase out of Ontario’s four coal-fired power plants by 2010. Our long term goal is to ensure that all of our electricity needs are met by ecologically sustainable renewable sources. Our partner organizations represent more than six million Ontarians.

Interested in volunteering with the OCAA? Please contact Angela Bischoff at, 416-926-1907 ext. 246.

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