Pembina Op-Eds - August-16, 2009

For full article... Making Room for a Green Energy Economy As Nuclear Costs Soar

By: Cherise Burda, Director of Pembina's Ontario Program

The Ontario Power Authority admits that nuclear has exceeded the threshold where it is no longer a cost-effective energy option. To build a sustainable energy economy and guarantee the phase-out of coal in 2014, we need cost-effective and flexible energy options that can be deployed quickly, not new nuclear plants that take at least a decade to build. Replacing the aging Pickering B nuclear station with green energy is the best opportunity to open up much needed grid space, and it would provide the Green Energy Act with the time, space and investment focus it needs to produce results.

For full article... Seizing Alberta's Opportunity to Lead the Clean Energy Revolution

By: Tim Weis, Director of Renewable Energy and Efficiency Policy

A full and informed public debate about Alberta's electricity future is long overdue. Given the rapid and sustained global investment in renewable energy, this debate is only half-complete if renewable energy is not fully considered.