We've ordered our turbines

Engineered in Germany... Made in Quebec... Powering Our Community

After much deliberation and research into wind turbine suppliers, Positive Power Co-op has selected two 1.5 MW turbines from AAER for the Lake Erie 1 Wind Project.

The company is working with European wind turbine manufacturers and leaders, Fuhrlander and Pfleiderer to build a new plant in Bromont, Quebec where they will manufacture and assemble wind turbines for projects all over North America.

"Most wind turbines are made in Europe," says Stacey Hare, General Manager for positive Power Co-op. "The Lake Erie 1 Wind Project will not only be one of the first community-based wind projects in the province, but it will also be the first to use components made in Canada."

"AAER sees local and co-operative community projects as an important niche for the company. This marks the start of the company's involvement in a promising market; one valued at more than 1,000 MW in Ontario," explains Dave Gagnon, President and CEO of AAER.

The turbines will be manufactured to meet proven technology and performance standards. Each 1.5 MW turbine will stand 120m high from the top of the blade to the ground. The diameter of the rotor blades will measure 80m.

PPC plans to have the turbines installed by the fall of next year. Together, the two machines will generate enough electricity for 700 homes. "We're excited about working with AAER. Using a Canadian supplier who recognises the value of smaller, community-based projects fits well with our values and the goals of our members," says Stacey Hare, General Manager for Positive Power Co-op.

Learn more about AAER and the turbines being used in the Lake Erie 1 Wind Project. Become a member of Positive Power Co-op and help build this and future renewable energy projects.

Take another look at Lake Erie 1 If you take a trip to Dunnville, Ontario to visit the site of the Lake Erie 1 Wind Project you may think "it just looks like a farm." Well, it is a farm and, despite its serene appearance, this farm is a very busy place.

You can?t see the three years of wind studies we've completed, but you may catch a glimpse of the researchers performing bird migration and bat monitoring studies. "We're looking at birds and bats in the summer, and again in the fall to ensure that our two 1.5 MW turbines won't interfere with their breeding or migration patterns," says Stacey Hare, General Manager for Positive Power Co-op.

Haldimand County Hydro is also taking a very close look at the site. HCH is currently reviewing our Connection Impact Assessment; a detailed description of the site itself, our plans for connecting to the grid, drawings and maps outlining our plans and every last detail of how we expect the project to deliver power to the utility.

"There's a lot happening, even though you may not see any evidence on-site," says Hare. "Our environmental studies underway, and once our grid connection plans are approved, we can participate in Ontario's Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program. We could be the first community-based project in the program, and that's very exciting."

Over the next few months, Positive Power Co-op will complete its environmental screening, finalise the site design and work with Haldimand County to build community awareness and support for the project. Site preparation is scheduled for later this year, and the turbines will arrive in the spring of 2008. The Lake Erie 1 Project will be up and running the fall of 2008. Check the latest PPC news for project news and updates.

Our members make a difference Positive Power Co-op members care about Climate Change and are taking action to lower their impact on the environment. As our membership grows, we can put more green energy into Ontario's power grid.

Today, about 16% of Ontario's electricity comes from coal-fired power plants. Those coal plants are the biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in the country, and cause about one-quarter of the air pollution in our province.

Ontario's smog isn't just ugly. According to the Canadian Medical Association, poor air quality causes about 2000 premature deaths in Ontario every year.

As we move ahead on the Lake Erie 1 wind project, PPC members will have another opportunity to invest in community-based renewable energy. We are planning our second issue of Community Bonds later this year. Watch for updates at

So, if you are a member of Positive Power Co-op, we want to thank you for helping us build clean, renewable electricity generation here in our community. If you?re not a member now's your chance; join PPC and together, we'll make Ontario?s grid a little greener.

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