Dunnville Chronicle: Letter to the Editor - Donna Pitcher, Aug 22, 2008


This is to the editor of the Chronicle: I have to correct you on the procedure to appear before council; You stated this in last weeks ourview called "Who's Listening"; Council also rejected a request from Grand Erie Energy Quest to make a presentation at council. "They were within their rights to deny the appearance since it wasn't on the agenda. But blocking information gathering sessions hardly promotes better communication."

This was Janet Fraser's third attempt (Grand Erie Energy Quest) to be put on the agenda! Janet had previously written to the Clerk and requested to appear as a delegation and was denied both times. Mayor Trainer brought this up at council on August 5th, 2008 and once a again council voted 5-2 to "deny" Janet her right to appear before council.

So someone should explain to Janet Fraser why she was turned down again? She was asking to be put on the agenda! If I have misunderstood this procedure please point it out to me so "I" can get it right!

I would like to clarify the procedure for appearing as a delegation before Council of the Committee meetings. County Staff and Council know this procedure as they wrote it, yet the facts don't seem to come out straight.

This is the Official Procedure as written verbatim by Haldimand County.

19.2 Delegations

19.2.1 Any person desiring to present information verbally at a Council in Committee Meeting shall give notice to the Clerk by twelve o'clock (12:00 p. m.) noon at least six (6) days prior to the Committee Meeting. In order to be include on the "Agenda."

19.2.2 A written brief outlining the subject matter of the presentation shall be provided to the Clerk at the time of the request to appear and will form part of the official record of the proceedings.

19.2.3 Delegations shall be permitted to speak not more than ten (10) minutes in total per person, per group, per per organization.

19.2.7 No person shall be permitted to appear as a delegation to address Council relating to any litigation matters with respect to the County.

Donna Pitcher Cayuga

Ed note: We stand corrected

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