Ipsos Reid poll: Support for wind energy in Ontario

July 20, 2010

Dear Municipal Leader:

The Canadian Wind Energy Association recently commissioned the research firm Ipsos Reid to conduct a poll to gain insight on Ontario residents’ views on wind energy. The poll surveyed respondents from five different regions in the province in late June 2010, and the results will be released later this week.

The survey shows that the vast majority of Ontarians support wind energy because of its environmental and economic benefits. When asked about their own region of the province, nine out of 10 supported wind energy production. Support remained high even when respondents were asked if a project’s location was within their own community.

In addition, most of those surveyed believed wind energy:

· Had less impact on human health compared to other sources of electricity

· Could provide economic opportunities and benefits

· Should be encouraged and facilitated by their municipal government

We hope this survey helps you better understand perceptions about wind energy among Ontario residents, and demonstrates the overwhelming support wind energy has throughout the province.

Please find below CanWEA’s news release and a summary of the survey for your review. The report will be made available in French-language shortly. You will also be able to find updated information on the CanWEA website at

Ipsos Reid News Release:

Ipsos Reid Results - Wind Energy Ontario


Robert Hornung


Canadian Wind Energy Association