A Post-Industrial City: 'Think light-rail, wind turbines and energy-efficient buildings'

The Hamilton Spectator: Rosemarie Morris, December 27, 2007

Re-imagining Hamilton as a leader in energy self-sufficiency is a stroke of brilliance. This city, known for its heavy industry and pollution, would be a particularly good example to the world of how a city can turn itself around. The fact Hamilton was once in the forefront of adopting new energy technology for the benefit of its citizens adds to the appropriate fit.

Hamilton needs a focus to attract business and engender community pride. More than a fountain or other monument, Hamiltonians could be justifiably proud of this city if it made its mark as a world leader in energy self-sufficiency. Imagine the payoffs if this community worked together and put its "energy" behind creating power locally, through local renewable sources such as solar, wind and biomass. This, combined with demand reduction through green retrofits, would provide good-quality future-oriented employment to the local workforce that has lost so much in recent decades. And it would leave us with a cleaner community that would attract future residents and clean businesses.

City council has made some very positive strides in recent months, for example, with its green roofs initiative. Let's encourage them to continue to move this city into the post- industrial era in a forward-looking, environmentally constructive way.

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