Queen's Park wind rally

April 28, 2010

Dear Mayor Trainer,

On Wednesday, April 28, the Ontario PC Caucus will be standing with local governments and community groups across the province to oppose Dalton McGuinty’s decision to officially remove from municipalities and local boards planning authority over wind energy projects within their own jurisdictions.

On behalf of the Ontario PC Caucus I will be tabling a motion in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario that calls for a moratorium on all new wind projects until a comprehensive, independent, and peer-reviewed scientific study can confirm that industrial wind energy sites do not pose a risk to community health and environment concerns.

The motion also calls on Dalton McGuinty to restore local planning decisions to local governments, whose by-laws, permits, and environmental assessment processes have been scrapped by the Liberals and handed over to a centralized, Toronto bureaucracy – the Ontario Power Authority.

To date, dozens of municipalities have passed resolutions of their own raising concerns about health effects, the environment, and local governance. Already, Ontario PC Caucus members have tabled two motions and a private member’s bill on matters relating to local autonomy and community health issues that are being ignored in Dalton McGuinty’s rush to subsidize his so-called green energy schemes.

On behalf of the Ontario PC Caucus and Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak, I ask that you lend your support to this important motion:

Contact your local media to tell them that you support this important motion
Join us at Queen’s Park on Wednesday, April 28, at 11:00am on the front steps of Queen’s Park to protest the Liberal government decision
Join us in the Public Gallery at 3:30pm to witness the introduction of this important motion
Provide us with quotations of support from both you and your municipality

It was Dalton McGuinty himself who condescendingly said, “Municipalities will no longer be able to reject wind turbines… because they don’t like them. We can’t allow interests to oppose these simply because they don’t like them.”

We look forward to your support for our motion.


John Yakabuski

MPP Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke

Official Opposition Energy Critic