Norfolk Council Minutes, June 12, 2007


A) Staff Report C.M. 07-03
Notice of Motion Re: Nuclear Power
County Manager, Bill Allcock, explained the report and answered questions of Council.

Res. No. 18 Mover: Councillor James Oliver
Seconder: Councillor Roger Geysens
THAT Staff Report C.M. 07-03, Notice of Motion Re: Nuclear Power be received as information;

AND FURTHER THAT Council endorse the resolution attached to this report;

AND FURTHER THAT this resolution be circulated to the appropriate individuals including Bruce Power, Province of Ontario, Haldimand County, local MPP and MP.


B) Motion Regarding an environmental assessment for a proposed Nanticoke Nuclear Power Facility

Res. No. 19 Mover: Councillor James Oliver - Seconder: Councillor Harold Sonnenberg

WHEREAS the Ontario Government has committed to the closure of the coal burning Nanticoke Power Generating Station;

AND WHEREAS the Nanticoke Generating Station employs approximately 600 staff and provides considerable economic spinoff benefits to Norfolk County;

AND WHEREAS the Ontario Government has stated that nuclear power generation will continue to play an important role in Ontario's energy mix over the next several decades;

AND WHEREAS the existing power transmission infrastructure emanating from Nanticoke is essential to the power grid of Ontario and beyond;

AND WHEREAS alternative energy options such as solar and Page 11 of 14 Council Meeting Minutes Tuesday, June 12, 2007 wind will not meet the required additional energy requirements of the province;

AND WHEREAS the Ontario government has stated it will only site a nuclear power plant in a willing community;

AND WHEREAS a recent public opinion poll undertaken in Norfolk and Haldimand Counties by Ipso-Reid at the request of Bruce Power indicated that a strong majority of citizens sampled would support having studies done to assess nuclear options as part of a decision-making process;

AND WHEREAS Norfolk County has thus far held two public information sessions and one session with County Council dealing with technology, regulatory framework and the Ontario Energy Market;

AND WHEREAS the Norfolk County Mayor, several Councillors and staff visited and toured the Bruce Nuclear Power facility to gain a greater insight to the technology;

AND WHEREAS any potential new nuclear facility will be required to proceed through a federally mandated environmental assessment process which considers a wide range of issues associated with construction and operation of such a facility specifically related to environmental and social impacts;

AND WHEREAS a federally mandated environmental assessment would require extensive public and open consultation;

AND WHEREAS Bruce Power is prepared to undertake an environmental assessment in conformity with the federal legislation at its own expense with no assumption of success;

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED: THAT Norfolk County Council encourage Bruce Power, and the other potential nuclear power plant developers, to move forward and start an environmental assessment process for the Nanticoke site, at the earliest possible opportunity.